Alex S., 27-Dog Tincture
Thursday, 15 June 2017
We used the Hemp tincture for our crazy dog on a road trip and she's acting like a completely different dog. Normally she's stressing, shaking and puking. Now she's just curled up asleep and enjoying the ride. Thanks for sending a sample!
Scottsdale AZ
Alisa, LCSW
Thursday, 15 June 2017
As a practitioner in the mental health field, I often deal with clients with chronic and debilitating pain. Using the pharmaceutical products come with their own set of drawbacks. Some of clients can not afford the medical treatments as well. Finding Urbalactiv.com has been wonderful for my clients. They are feeling pain relief that they haven't had in years. My colleagues, initially skeptical because of their lack of information about the benefits of Hemp Extract, are amazed at how good they feel using Urbalactiv.com products. A friend, suffering from arthritis, for the first time in years, is saying "I feel good."
Evanston, IL
Andrea K, 37 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017

I am 8 months pregnant and was using Tylenol to treat the aches and pains until I was introduced to the Urbal Activ balm. I started using it 2 times a day for lower back and knee joint pain due to the increased weight that I am currently carrying. I had also been getting headaches and sinus pressure that Tylenol didn't seem to help alleviate so I used the balm on my temples and sinus area. My headache went away and my sinus was clear. Then, about 3 weeks ago, I was introduced to the Concentrated Drops to use in addition to the balm. I began using the drops with my morning coffee and noticed that I could decrease my balm usage to as needed and it keeps my feet and ankles from swelling. This is a huge bonus as I spend about 1/2 my day on my feet and t I no longer have to deal with swollen ankles and sore achy feet at the end of the day and my headaches have been steadily decreasing. Seeing that I am limited as to what I can take I am so glad that something that is natural and works so well.

Savannah, Ga
Army Vet Larry Miller
Tuesday, 01 August 2017
Thank you very much Urbal Activ. My experience with Hemp Extract is limited so far, I have never tried any form of them except vaping. I am a US Army vet of 12 years active duty with 2 deployments, and I have Parkinson's Disease. Right now, it manifests as a conspicuous hand and arm tremor, a shuffling walk/stride and a general low energy level and a visible Off-balance posture. I tried it this morning, 5 drops as suggested by Marcy, and have not noticed any tremors... It's been about 5 hours and my normal meds seem to be lasting longer, and everything calmer and more "normal"... I am very impressed so far, and hoping for the same later tonight... A good night's rest is the best start of a good new day. Thanks so much for the sample, it's great to find anything that helps.
Brett P and his dog Socks-Dog Treats
Thursday, 15 June 2017
My dog Socks is afraid of thunderstorms. She pants, won’t lay still, and shakes profusely because of the noise. I tried Urbal Activ® Hemp-infused dog treats, and they really help her stay calm and relaxed during thunderstorms. But the real test came this past July 4th. Some neighbors were setting off some very loud fireworks for hours.

I gave Socks 1 treat and it wasn’t quite doing the trick. Probably because the noise from the fireworks was so loud and so close. I decided to give her a second treat and a little while later, even though the neighbors were still setting off the fireworks for hours more, Socks was a lot calmer and relaxed. Thank you. Your dog treats are a lifesaver for my dog and my family!

Phoenix AZ
Captain Mark S., 54 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
Just wanted to give you guys a shout out to say what a great product you have brought to the market. I’ve been using your Urbal Activ Hemp Infused Balm for about 4 months now and it is by far the best treatment I have ever used for my multiple joint inflammation issues. I am a 54 year old CrossFit devotee with arthritis in my right knee, shoulders and hands. The balms you guys make take most of the swelling and pain away, and make it possible for me to continue to train, and live a full life. Nothing else I have tried (and I’ve tried EVERYTHING) even comes close to the effectiveness of your product ! I also recently tried the Tranquility liquid with a vape. Unbelievable! The calming effect after a particularly hard workout is amazing. I find that I recover quicker and sleep better, which really helps get me ready for the next day of training. I highly recommend this product for anyone that does any sport! Kudos!
U.S.C.G. 100 Ton Master
Chris - Bee Sting Relief- Ageless
Saturday, 12 August 2017
While on vacation I stepped on a bee and was stung in the bottom of my foot on the beach. Once I pulled the stinger out my wife quickly put on the balm and with in just a few minutes the pain was gone along with the swelling and redness. For the rest of the vacation the sting never bothered me again and I never had any more redness or soreness! #urbalactiv
Gayle K., 64 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
I have had several years of back and hip pain, which has led me to use an over abundance of Aleve for pain relief. Most times it took up to three Aleve at a time to receive any relief from the pains or aches at all. I also have osteoporosis as a result of having chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Until about 6 months ago, this was close to a daily routine which left me with a lot of acid reflux. And then came Hemp extract, the vape pen that probably saved my stomach (along with my mind). After using the pen, I found that the Hemp Extract, relieved my pain as well or better than the Aleve. Thanks for the opportunity to experience pain relief without the agony of heartburn and stomach problems.

I continue to use the pen, maybe not as often as before, but still on a regular basis. It is the only consistent form of relief I receive without any of the uncomfortable side effects the other drugs taken.

Evanston IL
Jim, , One Happy Person, 71 years young,Beverly Ma
Monday, 31 July 2017
Seven year's ago I had both knees replaced ,I am currently 71 years old, the surgeon cut my hamstring and tendon in my left leg , i fall down at lest twice a month and am in constant pain ,my youngest boy has a friend that's a professional skate boarder and is alway's getting injured , he told my son , have your dad try urbal activ hemp balm , and it completely changed my life I no longer fall, and I can walk like a normal human being. I greatly recommend this product, my opinion is that doctor's should recommend this natural alternative product instead of opiates.
Jodi W - 43 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
I had shoulder pain for years. A small tear was the cause, and I relied on Advil and icing constantly to manage the pain. After using Urbal Activ Balm for a couple days, I felt relief and had more movement. I am so glad not to be taking all that Advil anymore. Thanks Urbal Activ -- I'll keep coming back!!

Edwards, CO
John S., 51years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
I was asked to try the balm on my two bad knees that I've had issues with for 20 plus years. I've used a lot of other remedies with only minor relief. When I put on the Urbal Activ balm, I found almost instant alleviation. I was able to run and jump pain free. I felt like this balm turned the clock back to my younger self. I also gave some to my elderly mother who has experienced neck and shoulder pains. She also felt great relief to the point where she won't return the balm to me!! I highly recommend the balm to anyone who has a sport injury or normal aches and pains through aging.
Chicago, IL
Joie D., 45 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
I went to sleep every night in pain due to knots in my upper back. My husband has been recently applying the Urbal Activ balm to my back before I get in bed and as a result, I have been waking up pain free! Amazed and a believer.
Edwards, CO
Jon S., 41 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017

Recently, I aggravated an old injury to my back from playing sports in my youth. Unfortunately, my spine is predisposed to pinched nerves. Throughout the years, I have suffered intermittently from muscles spasms that send shooting pains down my arms. This most recent event was the worst I have ever experienced. Over a four week period, I saw numerous doctors and physical therapists, took mega doses of ibuprofen, and used several anti-inflammatory creams, all to no avail. I was unable to go into work for two consecutive days; and the commute to work on the third day rendered me incapacitated for the next. That is when I first used Urbal Activ® Hemp-Infused Balm.

I applied a liberal amount on the first application, then repeated the process every three hours. While I still had some pain, by the time I applied the third application the pain had definitely diminished. That night I managed to get six hours sleep for the first time in four weeks. It has been four weeks since I began treatment with the Urbal Activ® Hemp-Infused Balm. I am still recovering; however, I continue to feel improvement with every application. I have progressed to the point where I can get back to normal activity. The shooting pains have completely ceased, and the numbness in my hand, from the pinched nerve has totally subsided. The muscles in my back, previously hard to the touch from the spasms and inflammation, are entirely recovered. Unequivocally, Urbal Activ® Balm reduced my pain, which was excruciating, and hastened my recovery, as the inflammation around my C5/C6 vertebrae responded to the Hemp Extract. I can confidently recommend this Urbal Activ® product.

Chicago, IL
Joseph T - 51 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
"I had been suffering from a terrible ear ache for a few days. Every time I would swallow, a shooting pain would go from the side of my throat straight to my ear, and throb in my inner ear. The third night I could not sleep and remembered that I had my Urbal Activ Hemp Body Balm in the kitchen... I took some balm and rubbed it into my ear lightly, and went back to bed... within an hour the pain had subsided and I was able to fall asleep. I used more the next morning and then pain went away ! It's been fine since! That was about 4 months ago. I now apply the Urbal Activ Hemp Body Balm to any ache, sore, wound and even tried it for a headache! Yes the headache went away quickly ! I would recommend Urbal Activ Hemp Body Balm to anyone looking to not use traditional medication.
Chicago, Ill Activ user since 7/2016
Julie S - 53 yrs young - Professional Dog Trainer
Thursday, 15 June 2017
I am 53 years old and a breeder of Afghan Hound show Dogs. I currently have three Afghan Hounds that live with me, an 8 1/2 year old female, a 4 year old female and an 8 month old male puppy. I am also a professional dog show Handler and trainer. In this community we try to breed healthy and well-adjusted animals so that we can enjoy our pets whether it be at home or any place we take them. I was given a 14 month old dog to show and train that had some difficulty with just her head being touched by a stranger. We tried for several months to figure out why she did not like this. People who know dogs know that they cannot speak and tell us things...therefore as owners we have to visually see how our pets react during any event; I equate this as very similar to a toddler who cannot tell his mother he is sick and throws a temper tantrum. Both children and pets react similar. I was given this product to try on this dog. I did extensive research and discussed it with my veterinarian. In fact he felt that the product would be a good thing to try with her! He told me it was very safe- So I started feeding this to her slowly and followed the directions of the representative. Within 3 days I noticed a slight change. The dog began thinking before reacting - meaning she would not immediately throw a temper tantrum when a stranger reached to pet her head- which is what she was doing- when she thought about it, she was able to see that the person was not going to hurt her- and allow them to pet her! This progressed to her eventually being able to be shown and obtaining her American Kennel Club Championship. This means she was able to be touched by a great many people and she took the time to think before reacting when someone went to touch her. We are very proud of her and would not have been able to do this without this product. After my research I decided after Consulting with my veterinarian once again to use this product on an older ( 8 years old) dog that was sometimes stiff standing up and sitting down it look like she was having a little bit of difficulty. The vet of course had already checked her out for any arthritis or anything else and did not find anything that should have caused her to be 'stiff”. So I started her on this product and within a week she was back to acting almost like a very young dog! She would run around and play in the yard and she was much more active than she has been in the past two years. She has been on this product now for almost a year... and still going strong, playing with Much younger dogs, and having a romp around the yard on a daily basis!
Grand Rapids, MI
Lacey Ethier, 26 years young, Jacksonville, FL
Tuesday, 01 August 2017
Hello all! I just wanted to share some of my story and experience with using the UrbalActiv products! I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease back in 2012. I was suffering with all of the symptoms from brain fog, joint and muscle pain, daily headaches, anxiety, low energy if any, and those are just to name a few. I went to a Lyme specialist and was put on an intense antibiotic treatment for two and a half years and was told that it would always be in my system due to the fact that it was chronic and that I had it for so long prior to being diagnosed. After ending the long term antibiotic treatment I still remained on my various natural supplements which helped but I still had problems with the Lyme. I was told about the UrbalActiv products by a family friend and started taking the 50mg drops daily. I noticed that when I started taking the drops I felt so much calmer and my headaches that I was having all the time were fading away which in turn helped me think clearer. I also noticed that it helped some with my overall energy and joint pain as well. After all of the different things that I have tried to help with my chronic Lyme symptoms and never finding anything that truly worked for me, I would definitely recommend these products without a doubt because they do wonders!
Larry G., 73 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
Every year when I first start playing golf, my forearms hurt. This year I used the Urbal Activ balm right after the pain started and within a couple of days the pain was gone.
Northbrook, Il
Lauren on behalf of her Grandmother, 87 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017

My grandmother is 87 years old and was diagnosed with dementia. As hard as it was to deal with her memory loss, the other things that went along with it were much worse. She became increasingly more angry towards my grandfather, pushing him and throwing her keys at him. She would wake up in the middle of the night and think it was time for breakfast, or wander into the kitchen and begin making coffee at 2 am. My family struggled with the different options. We didn't want to put her into a skilled nursing facility, but we couldn't risk her causing harm to my grandfather.

That's when we decided to try Hemp extract. It made a very noticeable difference. After her first dose, she was able to get a good night’s sleep. After only a few days, her temperament had completely changed. She was back to being happy. She started laughing again. She completely stopped being mean to my grandfather and instead she was back enjoying life and enjoying him. While her memory has good days and bad days, her quality of life has improved immensely, and she is no longer stressed by what she can and cannot remember.

Our family is forever grateful for the gift that is Hemp extract.

Phoenix, AZ
Litsa S., 78 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
As a sufferer of Rheumatoid arthritis for the better part of 30 years, Chronic pain has been my consistent companion. I've tried everything from Advil and other anti inflammatory drugs including prescription drugs with little relief. So when I was asked to try Urbal Activ, I was a bit skeptical. However, almost immediately, I received major relief. The inflammation and pain I normally experience in the morning has completely gone away as soon as I apply Urbal Activ. I am able to go on long walks, and have actually started an exercise program, which was unheard of before I began using the product. I am very thankful for the relief and quality of life it has given me and would recommend it to anyone suffering from joint, muscle or any type of chronic soreness that most of us suffer from as we age.
Glenview, Il
Lori B., 57 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis 6 years ago, and I have tried all sorts of remedies and procedures for my joint pain and inflammation. I have been using Urbal Activ Hemp Body Balm for a little over two month now. I noticed a difference right away, especially in the knee where I had arthroscopic surgery. My knee collected fluid and the doctor had to drain it three times, but it still hurt. I started using Hemp Body Balm on my knees, legs and hands daily after a hot bath. I am more mobile and pain free than I have been in years. Thank you!
Phoenix, AZ
Marcie P, 39 years young
Sunday, 23 July 2017
My name is Marcie P. I live in Lady Lake, FL .I am 39 years young. I have been using Urbal Activ for eight months now... About a month into using the Hemp Balm for pain in my back I figured I should not waste this amazing product by washing my hands so instead of that I would rub it under my eyes to help with my bags ( tired eyes) since it has inflammation properties in it. And low and behold IT WORKED !! So now every night I dab Urbal Activ balm under my eyes or in the morning before my makeup routine ( I let it dry for 5 minutes).. Thank you Marcie
Lady Lake, Fl
MB 51 Yrs Young
Sunday, 17 September 2017
I have been taking 4 advil before bed every night for months for my chronic hip and knee pain. I started using Urbal Activ XX Balm 9 days ago and have not need any advil since. It is amazing how good I feel and I am so happy not taxing my liver with the NSAIDs. Thank you Urbal Activ I feel great.
Mike D 53 years young
Sunday, 17 September 2017
I burned the tips of 2 fingers on a lawnmower muffler. I immediately iced them but blisters were starting to form and when I took my hand out of the ice the fingers hurt. I applied some Urbal Activ 2X Balm and the pain immediately subsided and the blister looked like it started to go away. 24 hours later there is only minor redness and no blister or pain. Thank you Urbal Activ it was an amazing result.
Paul N, 60 years young
Tuesday, 01 August 2017
I am in my 60's, I have health issues which result in quite a deal of pain as well as other issues which I will bring up soon.. I was prescribed Dilaudid 4mg up to 3 times daily for pain. Not wanting to rely on a heavy Narcotic I lived with the pain to reduce the side effects of the medication and took less medication. It was not but a couple of months before I was looking up natural alternatives for inflammation,which might reduce a lot of the pain issues from Neurological issues of my muscles. I then came across the article from Urbal activ and tried their 100 mg Hemp Drops. I started using it in about February of this year. Since then My pain has drastically been reduced. It was not overnight that this was accomplished,but after about halfway through my first bottle, I knew this may truly be it. Since then my lab work was done twice. It was then I noticed that my cholesterol had come down quite a bit as well as my Tryglycerides. My A 1C Sugar level had dropped and my blood pressure became more normal than in a long time. Which meant better pain management and better blood pressure, which to me meant, the inflammation was obviously reduced for me as well as the other surprises of better A 1C levels and Lipid panels. This product to sum this up has been a major Blessing for my health. I still take my meds for my ailments. But some meds have been reduced greatly. Hopefully more good things to come.
Roxanne L. 66 years young
Monday, 31 July 2017
I just want you to know how much Urbal Activ balm and drops have helped me. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have GI issues that prevent me from taking most medications. I am in pain almost every day. My spine and hands are chronically problematic. The balm takes most of the pain away from my hands and I use it daily. The drops significantly lessen the pain in my spine and I use them daily. I have no side effects. It is remarkable. Thank you!